About Us

Aaron and I have been married for six years.  We met while living in Provo, Utah attending school.  Just 4 months after we met, we got married in Bountiful, Utah and have been enjoying the exciting adventures of life together ever since.  Abe joined our family in July of 2004, Breanne came along in March, 2006, and Ali was born in July, 2008.  We live in Westminster, Colorado and absolutely love it here.  We started investing in real-estate a few years ago and Aaron decided to make it a full-time profession by building a real-estate investment business, REI Capital (Stands for Real Estate Investment Capital).  Essentially, we buy and sell single family homes using private investor capital to fund them.  Visit www.rei-capital for more information.  We hope you enjoy our blog!  Thanks for visiting! 

           Breanne                               Abe                               Ali


  1. Hi Nan, can you shoot me an email when you get a minute. Would love to talk to you about Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon magazine and some involvement with you. Thanks much!

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