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E3 SpectrumWhen we moved to Colorado in 2005 we came because I (Aaron) was managing a sales office in Denver along with Salt Lake and Dallas and it was a good excuse to try out a cool new place to live and not be forced to travel so much.  About one year later I was ready to move on and started my own business buying, renovating and selling houses.  

As of April 2009 we have purchased over 75 houses and sold 35 of them.  We have learned a lot, made some money, lost some money, and I am very excited about 2009.  The Denver real estate market is in a prime spot for buying cheap houses and either flipping or renting them.  We are really enjoying the ride…for the most part.  Some of the late night deadlines can get old…and it’s a boat load of work.  Don’t believe the get rich quick and easy late night infomercials, its not true.  For more info on our business…

Our main business website is www.REI-Capital.com 

To talk about investing in Denver Real Estate call me anytime at 720-352-2671

or email: aaron@rei-capital.com



  1. Great Video and Website – Congrats!!


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