Posted by: nankennard | January 24, 2011

Hiking, sledding, trampoline jumping…a snapshot of our past couple of months.

Its been a BUSY couple of months since moving to Boulder two months ago.  We are feeling very blessed and grateful that the transition from everything Westminster to everything Boulder has been going so well.  We sold our house in Westminster just last week and are glad to have that taken care of.   Abe is adjusting to his new school and Breanne loves her new reading class.  The kids are enjoying their gymnastics classes and we have been able get the majority of our things unpacked.  Our new house is really starting to feel like “home.”  We have found our new favorite grocery stores and restaurants, great parks for the kids, new health care providers (by health care providers, I mean massage therapists who specialize in runners), and we have joined a new health club where the kids very much enjoy going to the “kids club.”  We were lucky to find a new friend in our Ward who is happily willing to earn a few bucks by helping us with the kids on Tuesday and Saturday mornings so that Aaron can do his mountain runs while I do my interval training.  The running scene here in Boulder is fabulous!!  I have been investing more time and effort into my running by gradually increasing my weekly running mileage and intensity and supplementing my running with a lot more core work, dynamic stretching, massage therapy, and nap time (to counteract the higher mileage.) Aaron has worked hard to refine his daily routine as a business owner to include more quality time with me and the kids, more running with his “mountain men” ultra marathon friends (and some running with me too), less office time, less reliance on employees and partners, and more profit (imagine that?!)  He has also been coaching the Young Men’s basketball team for our church on Thursday nights and recently accepted the calling of “Ward Mission Leader” which is sure to be demanding and fulfilling at the same time.  After phasing out of my church calling with the Young Women in Westminster, I have started a new calling in the Boulder Ward teaching Abe’s Sunday School class, which I LOVE!  Every Sunday night after the kids are in bed you can be sure that Aaron and I are sitting next to each other with our calendars out synchronizing our complex and full schedules in order to make the whole production go as smoothly as possible.  Amidst our busy (sometimes chaotic) daily lives, we do still make a lot of room for simple “FUN” as you will see in the following pictures.  We feel overwhelmed with gratitude for this amazing time of life with our three awesome kiddos, our good health, our peaceful home, Aaron’s consistent business, our Faith and knowledge of God’s love for us, and the amazing amount of love and support we feel from our family, friends, teammates, coaches, and fellow Church members. Life is BEAUTIFUL!!


  1. Love the picts! You have a great camera. What kind is it?

  2. Congrats to Nan on her race!

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