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dsc00375We went to Utah for Thanksgiving last week and had a blast!  The kids played with their cousins all day every day without rest which made bed-time quite easy since they were exhausted at the end of each day.  🙂  We went to the zoo the day before Thanksgiving and Dawn rented this motorized cart.  I couldn’t stop laughing at her because she looked hilarious with all of the kids hanging off the cart and the basket full of food that everyone kept sticking their hands into.  She looked like hobo with a disability.  This picture captures it well.  Yes, that is a child she is sitting on.

And here are a couple of less funny pictures of us riding the train at the zoo.dsc00385dsc00379

This last one is of Breanne a few weeks ago…she got her pajamas on all by herself!  Can you tell?


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Twilight inspired music video: Colliding by Petal

Our sister Emily singing and starring in this music video. Go Em!! Isn’t she amazing?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I love Fall

dsc003531Its been such a beautiful Fall Season here in Boulder.  I’ve greatly enjoyed it.  I’ve taken the kids hiking a few times, played at the park a lot, and of course been enjoying a lot of my favorite fall activity: running.  Aaron and I got some friends together and did a “mock” sprint triathlon at the local recreation center in mid-October, I ran a Halloween 10k a few weeks ago, and yesterday I ran in a Turkey Trot 10k.  dsc00354I also started training with a running group in Boulder so I can push my pace, set some running goals, and have a Coach help me meet them.  Its nice to get back into doing the activities that I love so much after spending 9 months pregnant and recovering from birth.  My absence from exercise makes me come back fired up and motivated.  We’ll see how long that lasts…of course its never as exciting to go running when the temperature drops to 10 degrees in the mornings.  Brrrrrrr.  I’m going to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather while it lasts!

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Eerie Erie 10K

Yesterday was my first race back since having Ali.  It was a great workout and a lot of fun!  I ran it with some friends in my ward.  We were the three blind mice and the farmer’s wife, in case you couldn’t tell.  🙂 

The guy in front of me was seriously intense!  He pushed his baby in the baby stroller the whole 10k and didn’t let up.  I almost caught him, but not quite.  Check out his determined facial expression.


Our friend Eric Wynn was in town with his nice camera, so we had some fun taking some quality pictures.  Thanks Eric!







The kids ran a 400 M. race around the track in their Halloween costumes too. 

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Short Shredder

My good friend, Kristy Stout and I took our kids hiking on Saturday morning since our husbands were off at a turkey shoot with the Young Men in our ward.  It was a fun hike…mostly.  I arrived at the trailhead a couple of minutes ahead of Kristy and was looking at the map when someone walked by, looked at me and said, “Three kids all by yourself!  You’re brave!”  I told her I wasn’t going alone, my friend was coming.  Then I thought about what I had just said and literally laughed out loud because Kristy is not just my friend coming to help me with my kids, she is my friend with 5 kids of her own!  Everyone who passed us on the trail made comments like “Woah, quite a crew you have here!”  We just took our time and enjoyed the outdoors….until the younger ones really started melting down and Kristy and I found ourselves carrying two kids each while singing songs to try and keep the older ones in good spirits. Haha. At that point we were lucky that the trail came near the road so I could run ahead, get the car, and come pick them up. In the end it really was a great hike.  I got a good laugh when I noticed Abe’s bum too.  At one point we stopped to let the kids play in this shady, smooth rocky area where they were sliding down the smooth rock on their bums. It was quite the short shredder. 

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The exciting life of Ali McKaela.  Rolling as about as good as it gets for a 3 month old.Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Roller“, posted with vodpod


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Who’s the Boss?

Ever wonder who is the boss of your household? This pretty much sums it up for us. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ali’s Blessing

Aaron blessed Ali in church last weekend. It was a very nice blessing. We enjoyed visitors, Raeburn and Suzanne as well as my Mom and Grandma. Abe and Breanne loved playing with their Grandma Suzi, Papa Duck, Grandma Alyson and Great-Grandma Morgan too! Suzanne took these pictures the morning of the blessing.  Thank you SO much, Suzanne!  You really captured some great moments!



Four Generations

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Love and Logic

Last June Aaron and I met a couple who were in their 60’s and had raised 9 kids, each of them about 2 years apart in age.  I told them how amazed I was with that feat and asked how in the world they stayed sane through it.  At the time, Aaron and I were having a hard time with bedtime and other power struggles with Abe, so I asked the couple if they had any parenting advice or good books that guided them through their parenting.  The woman didn’t even hesitate; she said “Parenting with Love and Logic.  Get yourself a copy right away.  Its the best parenting book out there.”  So we went home and immediately ordered the book and CDs on Amazon.  We listened to the CDs and read the book and also purchased and listened to the Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers additional CD.  After applying the techniques, bedtime is no longer like hitting our heads against a brick wall, and many other power struggles have dissolved.  I wish I would have gained this insight earlier, but I guess it took me 4 years of frustrating attempts at discipline and a 3rd child to finally seek good advice.  The Love and Logic techniques seriously make me laugh sometimes; which is better than yelling at my kids or just crying.  I’m sure many of you readers already know all about Love and Logic, but for those of you who don’t, its all about choices for the kids and letting them solve their own problems rather than making the problem yours; creating accountability and natural consequences for their actions.  The advice that helped me the most is to stay calm and emotionally unaffected, speaking quietly rather than commanding or yelling at my kids.  I love giving them options and allowing them to feel in control and empowered with choice.  We haven’t been 100% consistent; it takes a LOT of patience and thought, but we really have made improvements.  And now that Abe is thinking more logically, he is pulling some Love and Logic on Breanne.  “Breanne, would you like to stop hitting me or go sit in your room?” he’ll say.  or “Breanne, would you like to put your seat belt on your would you like Mommy to?”  Its pretty funny.  Anyway, if anyone is looking for a great parenting book, check it out!  It just may make your life a whole lot easier and fun.

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Picture of the Week

I dont really have time to do a big post right now, but I wanted to add a picture of the week because this shot of Breanne just makes me smile.  She is such a happy two-year old.

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