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We went to Utah for Emily’s wedding and had a fun time celebrating Breanne’s Birthday with cousins, visiting family, and just playing! Look at that beautiful couple! 





Ashley gave me that sweet flower power outfit for Ali.  She and Eden are sporting some homemade clothing that their Grandma Nancy made over 30 years ago.  Sweeeeeeet.  Theo is in the middle…”gimme some room women!” These three will be good pals in a couple years. 







Grandma Aly and lil’ Ali.






Birthday Girl!










Abe and Zachary









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Olive Tree a.k.a. Jacob 5

We’ve started reading the Book of Mormon more consistently every night with our kids.  At first I thought Breanne wasn’t really listening because she just seemed to be in her own world flipping pages of other more interesting books or humming songs as we read.  The other night she proved me wrong when before we started reading she asked, “Are we going to read about the Olive Tree again tonight?”  

Aaron: No, we finished that Chapter last night.

Breanne: But Jesus is mean sometimes.

Aaron:  No…..Jesus is nice.

Breanne: But sometimes he cast-es us into the fire.

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San Diego Vacation

1552I’m finally getting around to posting about our fun vacation to San Diego last weekend.  We went to Sea World, the Beach, Wild Animal Park, and Legoland.  We also visited our friends the Sterneckerts and went to the Point Loma Navy base to check out the submarines.  The weather was PERFECT and we had a blast spending quality time together as a family.




Wild Animal Park























We also watched the finish of the Tour of California where Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Floyd Landis, Dave Zabriski, and other big names in cycling were racing.  The kids loved the free yellow chalk and it took us forever to walk back to our car after the race because they had to stop every five steps and color on the sidewalk.  




Breanne and Veronica Sterneckert were fast friends and enjoyed spending a few evenings playing and giggling together.








Legoland was the kids favorite.  There were tons of cool artistic lego figures, great rides, and a cool 3D movie.






Abe’s first big roller-coaster.  He was pretty excited.  After the big drop he was telling me how much he didn’t like the big drop because it made his bellie tickle…but after a few more mild roller-coasters he caught on and started LOVING IT.
























Souveniers to remember their trip by.  Yeah!

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Breanne’s new do

022I finally got around to taking some shots of Breanne with her new hair-do.  I am glad we were able to salvage it after the self-cut!  Our friend Ashleigh does hair and she came over that night and worked her magic.  Thanks Ashleigh!


On another note, Breanne is starting to potty train!  Yeah!  Go Breanne!  She turns 3 on March 16th, I’m hoping she’ll be diaper free by then!


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One hairstyle that still works



“And here we have some boondoggle key chains. A must-have for this season’s fashion.”


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Breanne’s Prayer

“Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you that Asher and Seren can go to sleep and thank you that Ethan and Owen and Jed can go to sleep and thank you that Smith and Laine can go to sleep, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

I guess she is thankful that her friends all sleep so she doesn’t miss any fun times while she is sleeping???? OR, maybe she is actually thankful that all her friends go to sleep so they can meet up and play in their dreams!

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And the first post of 2009 is…….

haircut21Mommy, I cutted my hair!!”haircut

I left her alone for about five minutes and this is what she decided to do!  I guess I’ll take her to a salon today and see if we can salvage any sort of a girly hairstyle still.  Ohhhh Breanne…

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2008 Highlight video

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here is 11 minutes of highlights from our family’s life this year…Nan did the video editing . Check it out…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Santa’s Lap

dsc00390The other night at our Ward Christmas Party, Santa came to visit. Abe and Breanne were both nervous to to sit on his lap, but I guess the motivation to tell him what they wanted for Christmas was more compelling than their fear of the big man in red. The funny thing is, Breanne has no hesitation to run up and hug the big man UNDER the red suit (Bishop Rayback, the former Bishop and one of Breanne’s nursery leaders) dsc00392every time she sees him, in fact she had already ran up and hugged him earlier that night and also ran up and gave him another hug later, after Santa had “left.” But there’s something about that suit that makes toddlers squirm with excitement and nervousness. We asked them afterwards if they liked sitting on Santa’s lap, and of course they did. “He gave us candy canes, Mom!!”  He also reminded them to be a good boy and girl and always say their prayers.  Thanks Santa!

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s6303485We had just enough snow this week to build a snowman!  He didn’t survive the warm afternoon, but at least the kids got to enjoy building him.  Hopefully our next snowman of the season will have fewer leaves since this one seemed to collect them all.  Guess I didn’t rake too carefully before that first snow.

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