Posted by: nankennard | December 2, 2009

Beautiful run in Eldorado Canyon

I’ve been doing a kid swap with a friend and today she watched our kids while Aaron and I went running together in Eldorado Canyon.  I am SO glad Aaron has been able to build up his mileage and can join me on beautiful runs like this one.  Despite how nice the weather has been lately, we did have a cold front come in last night and we awoke to 15 degrees and 6 inches of snow.  We ran anyway and I’m so glad we did.  The snow covered trail was very peaceful.  We didn’t see anyone out on the trail until we were almost back to where it meets up with the road again and then we saw one hiker.  I was toasty warm the whole run (after my feet got the blood flow to them about 15 minutes in).  I was glad I wore three layers on top and two layers on my legs though, as well as two layers of gloves.  What amazed me was that Aaron wore his new Vibram Five Finger shoes, as part of his barefoot running regime, and his feet didn’t get cold either!  I guess feet work pretty hard and get a lot of blood flow while running 13+ miles.  Even if it is through 6 inches of snow.


  1. You two are so amazing! I can’t believe you ran in those finger shoes! I have to say that the tights under the shorts and the finger shoes made me laugh, Aaron. At first glance, it kind of looked like you were wearing a tutu, tights, and ballet slippers. 🙂 It made me smile.

  2. I would kill for either one of your legs!

    • You want one of my legs? I don’t think one leg would do you much good. Hopping is not very fast.

  3. You both could be models!

  4. I’m a huge Five Fingers fan, never had the guts to wear them in the snow, awesome.

    Nan, wondering if you would be up for an interview (via email) on

    If so shoot me an email, love to profile you.


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