Posted by: aaronkennard | July 30, 2009

Kids are funny

Here’s a conversation I had with my kids tonight:

Abe: Dad, look in the fridge, I bought this bottle of Sprite for 80 cents! (2 litres) That’s a good deal huh??

Me: Yes it is, good job


Me: Abe, did you know I bought 3 houses for less than half price today, that’s a good deal huh?

Breanne: Whoa! How did you fit 3 houses in your car??!

Me: (laugh) I didn’t put them in my car silly!

Breanne: Oh…did you drive a truck??


  1. I read this on facebook too. Your kids are so cute. Having dinner with Alyson and Owen Saturday night. Should be fun. I got brave and sent you my $$ along with Raeburn’s…I hope you make me some profit…I need a new toothbrush!

  2. Hey! I read it too. When Breanne asks if you drove a truck, you can tell her “Papa Duck has a truck.” Then let her add her own rhymes. “It’s stuck in the muck.” “The houses are in a stack in the back.” etc.

  3. Yeah….a BIG TRUCK! Your kids are ingenious! I loved being there this month! Thanks for all the fun times! Keep buying those houses for half price and bringing home the BUCK, not the TRUCK, right? Way to go!

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