Posted by: nankennard | June 14, 2009

A walk to the Lake and some fun rides

006Since Aaron works from home now its easier for him to take the kids out with him on occassion to look at houses.  He invited Abe and Breanne to go with him this time, but Abe said he’d rather stay home with me and take a walk to the Lake with Ali.  He is such a cool little guy.  I love spending time with him and seeing him be such a sweet brother to Ali.  Abe and Breanne are close in age, so they tend to fight almost as much as they play happily together, but Abe and Ali, being 4 years apart, are much more peaceful together.  Abe totally babies her and it is SO sweet!

Aaron went mountain biking in Fruita with a bunch of friends this weekend, so I was on my own.  Friday afternoon I met some friends at the Lakeside Amusement Park in Denver.  It was a pretty low-budget place, but fun for the kids!

Breanne riding the Frog Hopper with Kaylee Stout.



Abe waiting in line with his buddy Ethan.


  1. Cute pic or Abe and Ali! Miss you guys.

  2. Breanne looks so big – holy cow she has had a growth spurt since we last saw you guys!

  3. Looks like fun! Are you guys coming in town any time soon? My neighbor did tell me that she met you guys. Her name is Kristin she is one of the sweetest neighbor’s we have.

  4. Hey, those low-budget places are sometimes the best! We certainly got the right price at Waterworld! That was the best $2.50 I ever spent!

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