Posted by: nankennard | May 24, 2009

Busy Times

Woa, moving is busy.  Here are a few pics of what we’ve been up to lately.  We’ve mostly been busy moving out of our old house or into our new house, or fixing things in our new house, but we have been making time to have some fun with the kids too. 


Our friends Jamie and Layne Caldwell came to visit and we took all 6 of our kids (all under age 5) bowling at the CU student center.  It was a riot!  The Caldwell twins kept running down the lane every time we turned our heads.  Here is Aaron rescuing them one of the times.  The kids LOVED bowling.


029Breanne swinging at the park on a random day when I was trying to finish packing up odds and ends from our old house and the kids started to get really bored, so we ventured out.  It was a bit chilly and the only coat I could find to put on her was this baby one piece.  She didn’t mind.








Ali, you could at least tell me if your tired…I’d be happy to put you in your crib.












Owen Stout’s birthday party. Fun times with friends!





Abe: “Here Owen, let me help you open that!”  

Abe decided to give Owen an Optimus Prime Transformer, and then decided he REALLY wanted one for himself and proceeded to ask me for ways to earn money.  It took him about a week, but he earned his $10 and got his new toy yesterday.






Last, but not least, Breanne got another haircut since her bald spot filled in enough to cut the surrounding hair shorter.  She LOVES it!  And so do I.  🙂



  1. Love Breanne’s new hair cut!
    Hope you guys are getting settled.

  2. That bowling outing was awesome! I’m sure we burned as many calories chasing the kids as we did on our run later on that day! 🙂

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