Posted by: nankennard | April 19, 2009

Rabbits and such


Just transferred the pictures from my phone and here’s what I found:

Breanne found this “hat” in Aaron’s swim bag.  I wouldn’t mind it if she wore it for the next few months while her hair grows out again from her personal hair-cutting incident. 





008Here’s what happens when I take the kids to the park all morning and then back home to play with their friends all afternoon without rest.  We took their friends home and on our drive back to our house, Abe and Breanne were both OUT.  I guess I better be more aware especially on long days like this because it looks like Abe didn’t even get his seat-belt all the way on!  




 As I’ve been getting organized and packing boxes for our move, we found this little guy in our crawl space.  PLEEEEASE can we be finished with the rabbits?  We’ve seriously been battling them for the entire time we’ve been living here.  It wouldn’t bother me so much if they just lived peacefully in our crawl space and I had to do nothing more than vacuum up rabbit poop twice a year but the problem is that they can get in and then they cant always get out.  Many of them end up dying in there.  Every spring we find 3-5 rabbits, some dead, some alive in our crawl space and every spring we try a new approach at keeping them out, which obviously fails. We’ve cemented holes from the outside,


 boarded holes from the indside, sprinkled red fox urine and some crazy garlic cayenne pepper concoction I read about online around the perimeter of our house and yard, we’ve put chicken wire around our yard, and caught and released probably 15 or 20 rabbits from our crawl space, but to no avail.   After finding two live rabbits and two dead rabbits over the past week of packing our crawl space, Aaron decided to take a new approach.  He bought some of that expanding foam material at Home Depot and sealed every spot that could possibly be a hole in our crawl space.  I don’t really have much hope in it working, but we cant bear to just stop trying.  I guess we’ll just have to warn the lease-to-own tenants about the problem and advise them to check for dead rabbits every so often so they don’t start wondering what that rotting, horrid smell coming from the crawl space might be.  Yeah for wildlife!

**UPDATE**We just cleared out the remainder of the “stuff” from our crawl space today and packed it over to our new home.  The icing on the rabbit frustration cake is that apparently they decided to make my trophy box of running memorabilia their pee spot.  I was tipped off when I noticed the lid on my trophy box was yellow and warped.  I’ll try not to gross you out too much but sadly, all my nostalgic running medals and memorabilia is either changed color from the chemicals or growing some sort of disgusting pee mold hair…and I wont even attempt to describe the smell.  I washed a couple or really meaningful pieces, but the rest is all in the garbage now.  Less weight for the move, I guess.


  1. Be honest…you are going to miss those rabbits!

  2. Wow, we’ve had our share of Rabbit problems, but they have never made it into our crawl space. yuck. Hopefully you won’t have a similar problem at your new house.

  3. oh Nanners! Sorry about your trophy box. Blasted varmits!!! YOur legacy will never die…did you see the alumni magazine with the freshman getting 1st in 800 at nationals. I bet you could beat her!!!

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