Posted by: nankennard | April 7, 2009


“Nothing is as constant as CHANGE.”

After three and a half years in our wonderful neighborhood and ward in Superior, it seems clear that its time to move.  A house in Wesminster that we’ve owned for a year and a half recently became vacant after the tenants decided not to exersise their option to buy.  We were having a hard time finding any rent-to-own tenants that would pay enough rent to make the property cash flow positively so we started looking at other options.  We realized that the property would actually work perfectly for our situation right now because there is more sq footage in the basement than our current house and if we finished the basement and double insulated the rooms then Aaron could work from home and save on office rent.  We decided to put a  Rent-to-Own sign in front of our current home as well as the vacant home  just to see which one we could occupy first, for the highest amount.  It only took 3 days and one showing and we had a much higher purchase price AND monthly rent agreement along with a deposit on our current house in Superior…so I guess that is our answer.  I will miss tons of things about my current home; mostly good friends an neighbors we’ve made.  But the good thing about moving is that we’ll see Aaron a lot more since he’ll be in the basement and we’ll save lots of money every month.  We’re moving just 10 minutes south of here in Wesminster (right by Standley Lake, for those of you familiar with the area).  Its a nice area and hopefully I can find some good running routes around the lake.  The home we’re moving into is currently having the basement finished and a few rennovations upstairs, so we have a few more weeks to enjoy living in Superior, and then its on to a new adventure!

weldonaGoodbye fun neighborhood and good memories on Weldona Lane…we will miss you!

10126-owensHello home office and “unknown” new things on Owens Drive! 


  1. Loved the old house but new house looks great. Hope you have an easy move.
    Didn’t realize you were leaving right after Emily’s reception. Glad we got to see you.

  2. That is awesome that things worked out so well! Change usually is a good thing 🙂

  3. I can’t believe you’re moving! Sounds like a great situation though. I played soccer right by standley lake and loved that area….there will be some great places to run! Good luck with everything!

  4. Good luck with the move!!

  5. The new house looks beautiful!

    Sorry about the bunny pee, that’s awful. Bunnies seem so cute when they’re not yours. Does the new house have bunny issues, too?

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