Posted by: nankennard | March 1, 2009

San Diego Vacation

1552I’m finally getting around to posting about our fun vacation to San Diego last weekend.  We went to Sea World, the Beach, Wild Animal Park, and Legoland.  We also visited our friends the Sterneckerts and went to the Point Loma Navy base to check out the submarines.  The weather was PERFECT and we had a blast spending quality time together as a family.




Wild Animal Park























We also watched the finish of the Tour of California where Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Floyd Landis, Dave Zabriski, and other big names in cycling were racing.  The kids loved the free yellow chalk and it took us forever to walk back to our car after the race because they had to stop every five steps and color on the sidewalk.  




Breanne and Veronica Sterneckert were fast friends and enjoyed spending a few evenings playing and giggling together.








Legoland was the kids favorite.  There were tons of cool artistic lego figures, great rides, and a cool 3D movie.






Abe’s first big roller-coaster.  He was pretty excited.  After the big drop he was telling me how much he didn’t like the big drop because it made his bellie tickle…but after a few more mild roller-coasters he caught on and started LOVING IT.
























Souveniers to remember their trip by.  Yeah!


  1. Good for you guys…getting away with the kiddos. Looks like you really had fun. Are you coming up for Em’s wedding? Hope to see you soon.

  2. Looks like tons of fun. What a fun vacation for little kids!

  3. I’m so sad we missed you. Looks like you had a blast! Come out again soon!

  4. How fun! Glad the weather was nice. Can’t wait to take lil Z to lego land too. 🙂 KT

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