Posted by: nankennard | December 10, 2008

Santa’s Lap

dsc00390The other night at our Ward Christmas Party, Santa came to visit. Abe and Breanne were both nervous to to sit on his lap, but I guess the motivation to tell him what they wanted for Christmas was more compelling than their fear of the big man in red. The funny thing is, Breanne has no hesitation to run up and hug the big man UNDER the red suit (Bishop Rayback, the former Bishop and one of Breanne’s nursery leaders) dsc00392every time she sees him, in fact she had already ran up and hugged him earlier that night and also ran up and gave him another hug later, after Santa had “left.” But there’s something about that suit that makes toddlers squirm with excitement and nervousness. We asked them afterwards if they liked sitting on Santa’s lap, and of course they did. “He gave us candy canes, Mom!!”  He also reminded them to be a good boy and girl and always say their prayers.  Thanks Santa!


  1. Too cute!

  2. Hey thanks for the christmas dvd and cd. We are sad you guys won’t be here for christmas. Last year was a lot of fun sledding with the kids. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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