Posted by: nankennard | December 7, 2008


s6303485We had just enough snow this week to build a snowman!  He didn’t survive the warm afternoon, but at least the kids got to enjoy building him.  Hopefully our next snowman of the season will have fewer leaves since this one seemed to collect them all.  Guess I didn’t rake too carefully before that first snow.


  1. Very cute. It’s been so warm this year. Hope there are many more snowmen to come. -Mary

  2. Adorable! I am kinda jealous – it has been like 50 degrees here. My classroom still has the AC going because the outside air is so warm!

  3. Wow, nice lookin snowman!!

  4. This picture is the cutest thing ever, definately scrapbook worthy! I love it! I can just imagine Breanne and Abe being so excited about the snow they just couldn’t wait any longer to build a snowman right this instance! Wish you lived closer so we could see you more often. Love you!

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