Posted by: nankennard | October 26, 2008

Eerie Erie 10K

Yesterday was my first race back since having Ali.  It was a great workout and a lot of fun!  I ran it with some friends in my ward.  We were the three blind mice and the farmer’s wife, in case you couldn’t tell.  🙂 

The guy in front of me was seriously intense!  He pushed his baby in the baby stroller the whole 10k and didn’t let up.  I almost caught him, but not quite.  Check out his determined facial expression.


Our friend Eric Wynn was in town with his nice camera, so we had some fun taking some quality pictures.  Thanks Eric!







The kids ran a 400 M. race around the track in their Halloween costumes too. 


  1. Cute new pics! Love the top one of the family.

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