Posted by: nankennard | October 19, 2008

Short Shredder

My good friend, Kristy Stout and I took our kids hiking on Saturday morning since our husbands were off at a turkey shoot with the Young Men in our ward.  It was a fun hike…mostly.  I arrived at the trailhead a couple of minutes ahead of Kristy and was looking at the map when someone walked by, looked at me and said, “Three kids all by yourself!  You’re brave!”  I told her I wasn’t going alone, my friend was coming.  Then I thought about what I had just said and literally laughed out loud because Kristy is not just my friend coming to help me with my kids, she is my friend with 5 kids of her own!  Everyone who passed us on the trail made comments like “Woah, quite a crew you have here!”  We just took our time and enjoyed the outdoors….until the younger ones really started melting down and Kristy and I found ourselves carrying two kids each while singing songs to try and keep the older ones in good spirits. Haha. At that point we were lucky that the trail came near the road so I could run ahead, get the car, and come pick them up. In the end it really was a great hike.  I got a good laugh when I noticed Abe’s bum too.  At one point we stopped to let the kids play in this shady, smooth rocky area where they were sliding down the smooth rock on their bums. It was quite the short shredder. 


  1. Honestly I can’t wait to have kids and post things like this on my blog! How are you nanners, I miss you and when will you be in Utah next?

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