Posted by: nankennard | September 23, 2008

Love and Logic

Last June Aaron and I met a couple who were in their 60’s and had raised 9 kids, each of them about 2 years apart in age.  I told them how amazed I was with that feat and asked how in the world they stayed sane through it.  At the time, Aaron and I were having a hard time with bedtime and other power struggles with Abe, so I asked the couple if they had any parenting advice or good books that guided them through their parenting.  The woman didn’t even hesitate; she said “Parenting with Love and Logic.  Get yourself a copy right away.  Its the best parenting book out there.”  So we went home and immediately ordered the book and CDs on Amazon.  We listened to the CDs and read the book and also purchased and listened to the Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers additional CD.  After applying the techniques, bedtime is no longer like hitting our heads against a brick wall, and many other power struggles have dissolved.  I wish I would have gained this insight earlier, but I guess it took me 4 years of frustrating attempts at discipline and a 3rd child to finally seek good advice.  The Love and Logic techniques seriously make me laugh sometimes; which is better than yelling at my kids or just crying.  I’m sure many of you readers already know all about Love and Logic, but for those of you who don’t, its all about choices for the kids and letting them solve their own problems rather than making the problem yours; creating accountability and natural consequences for their actions.  The advice that helped me the most is to stay calm and emotionally unaffected, speaking quietly rather than commanding or yelling at my kids.  I love giving them options and allowing them to feel in control and empowered with choice.  We haven’t been 100% consistent; it takes a LOT of patience and thought, but we really have made improvements.  And now that Abe is thinking more logically, he is pulling some Love and Logic on Breanne.  “Breanne, would you like to stop hitting me or go sit in your room?” he’ll say.  or “Breanne, would you like to put your seat belt on your would you like Mommy to?”  Its pretty funny.  Anyway, if anyone is looking for a great parenting book, check it out!  It just may make your life a whole lot easier and fun.


  1. What a scream! I love your kids!

  2. Love that book….my friend told me about it when I had Tanner…..sorry we should have shared!

  3. That book will come in handy for us as well because we’re having our first baby in May!

  4. I love “Love and Logic”. Although I don’t have any kids, I love the concepts and often use it with other people’s kids. Makes sense and works great!

  5. You may not remember, me Nan. I was friends with Aaron in high school and I got your link from Jake and Manon. I don’t have kids yet, but I teach preschool and we are taught to use Love and Logic and you are right is awesome. I think it makes kids and adults feel better about things.

  6. That is a great book! It does take a lot of work to do it and stay consistent, but it pays off.

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