Posted by: nankennard | September 8, 2008


Abe started preschool last week.  Its crazy to think he is already going to school!  The past 4 years has flown by.  It seems like yesterday I was looking at him and he was Ali’s size.





He really loves going to school.  I’m happy for him to be able to make new friends and learn new things.  Its fun to hear about what he does in class and the exciting new things he experiences. 


I got out the camera the other night after Abe and Breanne were in bed because I actually had a moment to play with just Ali.  I was just amazed with how much she is changing every day and how beautiful she is.  Its funny, we have hundreds of pictures of Abe as a baby, but since Ali is #3, my life is a lot more busy and everything new she does isn’t as new and exciting as it seemed when Abe was a baby, so I haven’t taken nearly the same amount of pictures.  But here are a couple…   


  1. Oh my gosh! That first pic of Ali looks just like Abe! It is so true, you take so many more pictures of the first child. We are blessed to have many ways of capturing the moments of our children. Time goes by in a blink, then you are sending them off to school. I am glad you have been able to be home with them and enjoy the simple joys of each stage of their lives.
    Can’t wait to see the kids.

  2. She is so cute….by the time we see her she is going to be crawling or walking. Are you guys coming to Utah anytime soon? I know we need to come up there and see you guys. Joe is super busy right now but maybe sometime soon we can take a road trip. Love you guys…

  3. Nan, how fun to see your beautiful family. Congratulations on baby #3, she is adorable. I love the pictures and all the beautiful sites in Colorado that we miss. You guys do such a good job at taking it all in. Good to hear from you! –Kirsten

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