Posted by: nankennard | September 2, 2008


No, its not a nickname for San Fransisco.  Its a completely different vacation…Frisco, Colorado.  No Golden Gate bridge or Ghirardelli Square, but plenty of fresh Mountain air and beautiful scenery!  This is where we spent our Labor Day weekend.  A big group of friends consisting of 13 adults and 20 kids all stayed in one big house together; what a party!  The kids kept each other occupied with ping-pong, pool, air hockey and exploring the hillside of a back yard while adults played games,





Cooked delicious food






And just hung out 

Other activities were canoeing on Dillon Lake







Wading in the frigid water

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine with friends

Races on the back porch

A little bit of this

But mostly this

We also got a chance to run and mountain bike in the mornings, which reminded me of cross country pre-season training camps in college when we used to stay in Park City for the week for some high altitude training.  Ahhh, I LOVE the mountains.  I’m so glad we have good friends to enjoy doing cool stuff like this with here in Colorado.  Our kids had a blast with all the other kids too!  Good times! 


  1. Hey Nanners! Looks like you guys had a blast. Congrats on your new little one. I went to Colorado for work lots and have to agree with the fresh mountain air comment. 🙂 Katy

  2. Hey Nan and Aaron, David and Christina,
    Looks like you all had a BLAST! I’m so glad you were able to spend the Labor Day weekend together.
    Mom Evans-Jorgensen

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