Posted by: nankennard | July 30, 2008

Milk Man

As I was nursing Ali this morning, I heard the motor of my breast pump humming from the bathroom.  After I finished with Ali, this is what I found going on in the bathroom…

Abe just wants to contribute to the milk suppy in the house, I guess.  Oh, and see Breanne’s little legs in the top right?  She didn’t have a shirt on and was rubbing hair conditioner all over her bellie.  I guess she wanted a bath.


  1. What a scream! I needed a good laugh today.
    Did Ali get her package?

    Love you guys.

  2. Nan that is AWESOME! Guess Abe is going to have a little conversation about boys and girls! Don’t worry my 6th graders got a huge conversation the night after Will and I got married. I think the whole night was a bit of a shock to a bunch of them. I mean will did go under my dress and take off my guarder!
    I love you! I am so glad to be back in your life! Hope the baby is great!

  3. Very cute…..we had things like that going on in our house when B was born too! Kids are the best.

  4. That is making me laugh. Doesn’t he look so cute though?

  5. Hahahahahahahaha! Can you hear our real belly laugh? Abe will never live that one down. He’ll learn how to use the delete key soon enough. We’re still laughing!
    Grandma Evans and Grandpa Owen

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