Posted by: nankennard | July 18, 2008

Three Baby Kennards

Isn’t it funny how similar siblings can look when they are just a few days old?  Sweeties!

Breanne                        Abe                              Ali


  1. CUTE CUTE and CUTE!

  2. Congratulations – not only is Ali cute, they are (were) ALL cute babies!

  3. Congratulations on your happy family, especially you new daughter!!! I like your website and catching up on the Kennard news. You’ve got three darling children! Enjoy!
    Aunt Carol

  4. OH MY GOSH! Talk about DARLING! I LOVE these three grandkids and was so happy to be there July 12-16. Wish I could have stayed much longer. Grandpa Owen was envious and wants to come next time.
    Grandma Evans and Grandpa OJ

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