Posted by: nankennard | June 29, 2008

Summer Fun

It was customer appreciation week at Chick-fil-a so we went in for our free milkshake.  After all, we are pretty loyal customers and should be appreciated!






Aaron went to scout camp from Wednesday to Saturday this week, so we were home alone.  Wednesday we went to see our midwife, Jean and have lunch with my cousin Laura.  Thursday we went swimming and to the park.  And on Friday we went to Marshall lake with a bunch of friends….the time went by quickly since we kept busy and the next thing I knew, Aaron was home again!  He had a fun time at camp with the young men and we had fun at home too.  Here are a few pictures of the evening at the Lake. 

Breanne kept looking at her little friend, Laine and then saying to me “She’s pretty Mom!”  Later, some of the kids found a big green catapilliar and Breanne said to me “Its pretty Mom!”  And for the third time that night, as the kids found a toad and were playing with it Breanne said to me again…”Its pretty, Mom!”  So, I’m sorry Laine, according to Breanne you’re just as pretty as a Toad.  Haha.  I think you’re much prettier though.  🙂   

Most of our friends camped, but I since the lake is only 10 minutes from home, I decided I didn’t want to put a tent up and sleep on the ground with my two young children while 36 weeks pregnant without Aaron’s help…so we just hung out until late Friday night and came home to our soft beds.


  1. Great pics from the weekend! It was fun….we’ll have to go again post baby; toads and all 🙂

  2. You and your family are adorable! Your kids are so pretty – and you look great! How are you feeling by the way?
    It was soooo nice to see you and thanks for putting Will and I on your blog. It was great, Jami contacted me and now we have been talking. Thanks!! Love you tons!

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