Posted by: nankennard | June 3, 2008

Summer is here!

You know Summer is here when  your kids ask you to go swimming twice in one day, and you can actually do it!  Saturday we took the kids to the Community pool in the morning, and then they wanted to play in the blow-up pool in the back yard after naps, so we did that too. 

Ever since we moved Colorado, we’ve had to adjust to the fact that Bunnies are a regular part of our environment.  We dodge them in our car as they run across the street, chase them when we’re taking walks, try to block the holes they dig under our house to live in our crawl space, capture and release them after they have made our crawl space their home, dispose of their dead bodies if they’ve accidentally fallen from the crawl space into the furnace room and died from lack of food and water, put chicken wire to block them from entering our back yard and eating holes in our grass, and try not to get too annoyed with the bunny poop that sticks to our bare feet as we walk around the yard.  Its a constant battle to try and keep our lives separate from and theirs.  But I must admit, the kids do enjoy having these cute little  guys running around.  The other night, we found this tiny baby running around our yard and since he was small, he was easy to keep up with (normally they run away too fast to get a close look).  This little guy was pretty frightened and I think that made him even more still.  The kids petted him for a while and then  we put him in a bucket and drove him over the the open space where Abe released him. 

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