Posted by: nankennard | May 26, 2008

Third Child

In preparation for our third child to join us in July a couple of inevitable changes have taken place….

We got bunk beds for Abe and Breanne.

And we sold Aaron’s truck to buy me a minivan.

Abe and Breanne LOVE the bunkbeds and are adjusting  quite well to sharing a room.  I also love my minivan even though I did go through that “phase” in life where I vowed I would NEVER own a minivan (you know, because of the lack of “coolness factor”).  But I now fully ebrace the truth that minivans are just too practical and convenient to do without!  Lots of storage and seating, easy removal of seats, great gas mileage…I could go on and on….but I’ll spare you.  Anyway, we’re ready for baby #3!


  1. I too own a minivan and would never go back. I have to admit. I associate minivans with track trips and that makes them much cooler in my eyes…you should try it!

  2. Minivan! Fabulous! Is that an announcement?

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