Posted by: nankennard | May 15, 2008

Funny things the kids say

On Sunday, as we’re  getting out of the car to walk into church:

Aaron: “Abe, you’re  looking Sharp!”

Abe:  “So I can cut people?”

Later that day, as Aaron and Breanne are chatting on the couch:

Aaron:  “Breanne, what do you think we should name your little brother or  sister in Mommy’s  bellie?”

Breanne: “Baby.”

And here are a couple of pics from  last week.  We went to the WOW Children’s Museum.  Breanne fell asleep on the way. 

Abe: “Look Mom!  I’m bones!”


  1. Hello Kennard Family! You’re kids are growing up so fast! Congrats on the new addition here soon. ~tara

  2. Looks like Breanne is the “Sleeping Beauty” and Abe is all ready for Halloween!
    Grandma Evans and Grandpa OJ

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