Posted by: nankennard | April 10, 2008

Me Do Myself, Mom!

From when I was a very young girl, my Mom always told me how stubbornly independent I was.  Apparently one of my first sentences (probably when I was 2 years old or so) was “Me do myself, Mom!”  Mom didn’t mind my behavior except when I wouldn’t let her help me with my hair and I ended up looking like a wet dog on most days.  But think of how much time and effort I saved her!  Well, I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree because Breanne just turned two and she is starting to be the exact same way!  The phrase is a little different than what I said, Breanne says “NO!  I DO IT!”  But its that same stubborn independence my Mom talked about me having.  Every time I try and help her buckle her car seat, “NO!  I DO IT!”  Or if I help her out of her car seat after I’ve unbuckled her, “NO! I DO IT!”  Its even gotten to the point where if I just hurry and grab her out of her car seat and set her on the ground, she yells “NO!  I DO IT!”  and then climbs back into the car seat so she can get out without my help!  She’s started to refuse my help dressing herself, brushing her teeth, and sometimes even brushing her hair.  And if I ask her why she wont let me help her, she says “Because I dont want you to!”  Fair enough.  I can live with that.  I’m actually glad she is becoming more independent.  It may take a few extra minutes to load and unload the car or get ready in the morning, but its fun to see her feel empowered and strong.  Go Breanne!  YOU DO IT!


  1. That is exactly how Rachel is except when I really do need her to do something, then she just falls apart and has to have me help.

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