Posted by: nankennard | March 24, 2008

The Bahamas

I finally got our Bahamas pictures from Aaron’s computer, so I can post about our trip. A couple of weeks ago Aaron and I went on a 3 night cruise to Nassau and Cococay, Bahamas. We were pleased to be joined by Jake and Manon Seethaler, some good friends from SLC. We left the kidos with the Fox-Smiths for the weekend, thanks Erin and Gus for taking such good care of them! It was a nice break from normal life. We stayed up late, slept in, ate A LOT of good food (none of which I had to cook…that was the BEST part) and acted like carefree 20-something-year-olds (which we really ARE, but sometimes we forget). We returned feeling very rejuvenated, with many memories.
The first memorable moment was waiting outside a locked gate looking at the ship we were supposed to be on because we arrived “too late” for boarding (just under an hour before the ship left). I made the mistake of purchasing flights that arrived only 2 hours and 45 minutes before the ship left, thinking we’d have plenty of time to make the drive to the port and board the ship. Bad weather over west Florida caused us to land almost an hour late in Orlando and by the time we arrived at Port Canaveral, the gates were locked and the old man who called himself a security officer said we had missed the cruise. The ship wasn’t scheduled to leave for 50 minutes and we were just a couple of hundred feet away with boarding passes in hand being told we had to turn around and go home. We were lucky a bunch of other people were late with us though because 15 angry cruise passengers protesting, begging, and pleading can be pretty persuasive. We weren’t about to stand and watch our cruise ship tied up to the dock for another 50 minutes and then watch it float away without us. We persisted in our begging, and finally the security guard got permission to let us on. Learn a lesson from us though. Do everything you possibly can to NOT be late for a cruise. Its NOT FUN standing behind a locked gate thinking about how you just paid a bunch of money and flew all the way across the country just to watch a ship float away.
This was us still in shock from almost not getting on the ship. Manon is thinking “I cant believe we seriously almost had to sleep in a Motel 6 tonight!” And I’m thinking…”I’m hungry, where is the fabulous abundant food I heard about?”


Anyway, once we got ON the ship, the trip got REALLY fun. We enjoyed rock climbing…..






A rip-roaring game of DODGE BALL! This game was actually one of the highlights of the trip! Mostly because it took me back to grade school since that is the last time I think I’ve even SEEN a game of dodge ball. But also because there were these drunk people (or maybe they weren’t drunk, that’s just how they act normally) cheering their lungs out for our team because we were winning. In the first game Aaron was one of the last people still in so everyone was screaming “Go Cowboy! Get him Cowboy!!!” While trash talking the other team. The spectators were getting SO competitive about the whole thing. It was like they cared more about our team winning than we did! HILARIOUS!


I must say though, our team was the BOMB! Notice the Gold medals!? Yeah. We won. (Possibly because we may have also been the only sober ones playing.) Haha! J/K


And, of course, THE BAHAMAS!


Just minutes after arriving in Nassau, Aaron had to become “Bahama-ized” with a new shirt and hat.



Jake and Aaron in their matching shirts. Aren’t they hotties?!!



  1. Is Jakes head rally attached to that hot body?

  2. I didn’t photoshop it, I promise…he must work out.

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